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As an important part of the development of NFL overseas markets, London has become a fixed event in recent years NFL. And this year, the first London season coincides with the National Day golden week, but also to the majority of Chinese fans to enjoy the NFL on Sunday night. The game will be an American League East Civil War. By the second year in a row, visiting London for the Miami Dolphins (1-2) sits “home” at Wembley Stadium against the New York Jets (2-1).
The biggest surprise: Dolphins defensive striker can be captured and killed in luxury
Hugh offseason dolphins spend lots of money from the lion poaching the league’s top defensive tackle dammn hole – Su Ndamukong Suh, plus the team alliance first-class rushed pass hand Cameron wake (Cameron wake), originally expected together they can have a number of sacks, didn’t expect three weeks ago dolphins team only 1 times escapement kill, and is completed by the end of the bench. In this field they want to break in the overseas game to kill wild escapement. The face is only three weeks before the completion of 2 sacks of jet line, this is not an easy task.
Dolphin attack group vs jet defensive team

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In addition to renew Cenozoic quarterback Ryan Tan Hill, last season made thousands of yards of Wei Lamar Miller ran outside, dolphins have also introduced before the saints over Kenny Mr stiles, coach Philbin jioubu Greg Jennings, former Brown proximal front Jordan Cameron, and many other offensive weapons. In passing, although kill captured seven times and a reported 3 interceptions, Tan Hill 882 yards 5 of array passing success rate of 61.6 is still a good level, external hand shad Matthews rise made, he and the second grade students Jarvis – Landry has 200 yards receiving, proximal frontal Cameron 151 yards receiving. But in running the ball, Miller was affected by the ankle injury, 30 times to push the ball forward only 105 yards. It is the last season, a single field 200 yards of the former patriots running back Gray – Jonas in the last 9 of the 49 yards of good efficiency. Pavement attack frustrated and sent seven sacks shows dolphins offensive front poor play, the game main left tackle Albert is likely to could not play because of a hamstring injury, obviously they will encounter more trouble.

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After Bowers entered the jet, the jet’s defense group continued to maintain a strong play, field are losing a lot of support code number of manufacturing the ball right conversion and a number of data are ranked union front. Compared with dolphins, jet off-season signings is pole effect. Defensive attack three beast Wilkerson Harrison – rookie Williams can make it difficult for any opponent. Both run prevention or blunt pass they are arguably the strongest overall League 3-4 front. The defensive line “King Island” Reavis and old partner grams Roman pedical, Gilchrist, last year the first round show Pryor, per capita steals fetched. Compared to the defensive forwards and guards, backbone Wei Group several players although concern degree is not high, but the veteran David Harris play stable and defense in his coordination under the command of maintain efficient operation.

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Vs dolphin defense group in the attack group of jet aircraft
Fitzpatrick has already secured the starting quarterback position. Three 700 yards and 6 touchdowns performance fairly plausible, but a field for the Hawks have 3 interceptions. From the past performance of the bearded, often appear at the beginning of the season to play well and collapse of the situation, the game can be said is a small node, is worth a look is not again Gaokaidizou precursor. Especially the main running backs avery failed to fully play, a lack of surface fire support of male Harvard can single handedly led the offensive team forward is a huge problem. In addition, the main took Decker although team arrived in London but whether the war would be decided before the game, the main proximal Feng Kang bollard confirmed will sidelined through injury, before the three ball 272 yards of Brandon – Marshall will be the only reliable offensive weapons. Relatively jets attack strikers neat stable performance, to open the season, only let opponents completed two sacks, Sir Alex Ferguson, Mangold who can suppress Vic and Sue will be a set of key showdown.
Dolphins defense spending heavily to did not achieve good results, three total ran out of 435 yards in the league’s second, let the potters, cousins such mediocre quarterback made a passer rating of 101. Defensive coordinator Cole Kevin ‘s position as if it were placed on the fire. The team holds the top is safety Rashard Jones, this is not what a good thing. Luxury defensive attack play in the doldrums, no doubt magnified the weakness of team linebacker group Missy – Xie pader Jenkins ability is poor, also lets the defensive pressure increased sharply, this once again proved rugby is the kick-off line decide the outcome of the game. Faced with a lack of offensive weapons exposed the true level of jets quarterback Fitzpatrick, all star cornerback Grimes should have more manufacturing ball conversion opportunities.