Kotobukiya – Hexa Gear – Booster Pack [Dark Green Ver.]


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Kotobukiya – Hexa Gear – Booster Pack [Dark Green Ver.]

Model Specifications:
■ Based on a jet pod that a Governor rides in, the internal block can also be used separately as an air glider.
■ The canopy part is made of smokey clear-colored plastic and by sliding the front part and opening the top, a separately sold Governor unit can be placed inside.
■ The flaps and slats on the main wings can be moved to simulate landings and takeoffs.
■ Each unit can be taken apart and attached to various Hexa Gear using the “HEXA G-R.A.M System.”
■ The canopy unit can be attached to the separately sold BULKARM α, BULKARM α JUNGLE TYPE and BULKARM β STANDARD TYPE.
*This unit is attached through the hexagonal attachment point on the cockpit’s armor, so it cannot be attached to BULKARMβ “LUMBERJACK.”
■ The smokey clear parts such as the canopy also come in the armor’s coloring so users can decide which one to use when assembling.

Included Items:
■ Jet Pod Model x1 set
■ Cruise Missile x2
■ Suspension Pylon x6
■ Option Wing x1
■ Missile Attachment A x2
■ Missile Attachment B x2
*Specifically designed to attach to the shoulder armor of BULKARM α, BULKARM α JUNGLE TYPE, BULKARM β STANDARD TYPE and BULKARMβ “LUMBERJACK.”
■ Canopy (Armor Color) x1
■ Front Cover (Armor Color) x1