Kotobukiya – Hexa Gear – Demolition Brute


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Demolition Brute is a combat Hexa-Gear designed and developed by the Valiant Force.

The Hexa-Gear comes with attachments similar to those of a Combat Engineer Vehicle that can be attached or removed depending on the needs of the mission. A variety of machinery can be attached to the front unit, and this Hexa-Gear was specially designed to prioritize power and torque over speed.

On the battlefield, Demotion Brute excels in close combat, and its heavy armor and powerful weaponry make it ideal for destroying enemy targets. Similar to Hexa-Gear created by Earth Cline, Demolition Brute can activate Zortex Mode, allowing it to harness the beast-like power required to promptly and violently take down its target object.

This model converts into Zortex mode from CEV mode. It features a battering ram equipped with several joints that can be used to attach the included power plow parts or other Hexa-Gear weapons. Its defensive minigun attaches to the back of the model and can be used as a turret, or with one of the Hexa-Gear Governors

The sensors and console in the cockpit are made of clear plastic and is equipped with a 5mm joint that allows it to be removed and attached to other models. Its multi-lock missile can also be moved up and down.