Little Armory LA003 Scar H type – 1/12 Scale Plastic Model Kit



As a 1/12 scale item, we will make a “firearm” kit. The second lineup includes the next-generation battle rifle SCAR-H type and the large aperture objective rifle M82A2 type type. An assembly-type runner kit was created with an emphasis on detail reproducibility.

The parts are designed with consideration for the dividing line of the real gun, and you can reproduce any figure, such as the state without optics and the state during field stripping. It is the best product as an accessory for general 1/12 scale movable figures.

Next-generation rifle used by the US Special Operations Army. This kit reproduces the H(Heavy) model using 7.62mm bullets in FDE color. Accessories include barrel assemblies of different lengths, Specter DR type scopes and suppressors.