Little Armory LA004 M82A2 – 1/12 Scale Plastic Model Kit



As a 1/12 scale item, we will make a “firearm” kit. The second lineup includes the next-generation battle rifle SCAR-H type and the large-caliber objective rifle M82A2 type. An assembly-type runner kit with a focus on detail reproducibility.

The parts are designed with consideration for the dividing line of the real gun, and you can reproduce any figure, such as the state without optics and the state during field stripping. It is the best product as an accessory for general 1/12 scale movable figures.

Bullpup model of the M82 large caliber objective rifle. It was developed for intercepting helicopters, etc., and has a style of shooting while carrying it on the shoulder so that the angle of elevation can be easily taken. As an accessory, S&B type long-distance shooting scope and 12.7 mm bullet are included.