Little Armory LA005 Mk18 Mod0 – 1/12 Scale Plastic Model Kit



1/12 scale assembly kit “Little Armory” series latest work!! 3rd model is “Mk18 Mod0 type” ultra short barrel rifle for CQB (close combat) and “M240G type” with exposed barrel Conversion. The parts are designed with consideration for the dividing line of the real gun, and you can reproduce any figure you want, such as the figure during field stripping and the presence or absence of optics.

An M4 rifle equipped with the ultra-short barrel upper receiver = CQB-R developed by NSWC (Navy Surface Warfare Center) in preparation for close combat such as ship inspection. The M16, which is a smaller version of the M16, is a more compact version of this gun, with a total length of only 667 mm, which is as compact as a submachine gun.

Kit includes COMP M2 type dot sight, M900 type vertical grip light, AN/PEQ-2 type laser aiming module, and rail cover. Furthermore, unlike the M4A1 type, the state where the ejection port cover is open is reproduced.