Little Armory LA007 P226/P228 Type – 1/12 Scale Plastic Model Kit



The 4th volume of the 1/12 scale assembly kit “Little Armory” is the series’s first handgun, carrying anti-tank weapon, PDW. Not to mention the details that match the real thing, I was conscious of the composition that you can enjoy combining with a movable figure.

The P226 presented by Swiss Sig and its compact model, P228, during the 1980s US military pistol trial. The shape is reproduced in three states: “a state where the hammer is lowered”, “a state where the hammer has occurred”, and “a slide retreat state” when firing and shooting all bullets. The P226 is a model of the Mk25 adopted by the Navy from a number of variations, and the attached weapon light can be attached to the Picatinny standard underrail mount. As a bonus part, the 4-eye night vision goggles “GPNVG-18” type is included.