Little Armory LA021 M24SWS Type – 1/12 Scale Plastic Model Kit



1/12 scale assembly kit “Little Armory” that combines realism and movable figures.

The 10th edition released in August 2016 has the theme of “Ground Self Defense Force”. The “89-type 5.56mm rifle” that is used as the main automatic rifle in Japan. We model the “M24SWS”, which is attracting attention as the SDF’s first full-scale sniper rifle. The interpersonal sniper rifle is the first lineup in the series!

A single-shot sniper system assembled from a high-performance barrel, stock, scope, etc., based on the Remington Bolt Action Rifle M700. The effective range is 800m. It has been adopted by not only the US Army but also the military and police around the world, and boasts an outstanding record. In 2002, the procurement was started as the first full-scale sniper rifle of the Ground Self-Defense Force, and the name “Personal sniper rifle” was given.