Little Armory LA049 M9&M93R – 1/12 Scale Plastic Model Kit



M93R handgun for special guards and special operations. It is based on the same model 92 as the M9, but this is a selective fire model equipped with a long barrel and long magazine, capable of semi-auto and 3 bursts. The kit reproduces various shapes of M9 and M93R. Reproduce the 3 shapes of tilting the hammer and before and after sliding. The option is the M9 bayonet, which can be attached to the LA050 M4A1 Type 2.0.

US military formula pistol M9. It is an Italian-made pistol adopted in 1985 as a model to replace the M1911A1 that had been in the US military system for more than 70 years.

9mm caliber, 15 loadings, short recoil method, double action trigger, etc. are firmly finished to the world standard specifications, but also original design such as a large cut slide to prevent defective pods is eye-catching design It has become.