Little Armory LA050 M4A1 Type 2.0 – 1/12 Scale Plastic Model Kit



This product is a renewal version of the first M4A1 type, which celebrates the fifth anniversary of the series . We are aiming for a more realistic and easy-to-assemble shape with an all-new mold. The kit reproduces the setup seen in the US Army and comes with dot sight, laser sight, rail cover, grip bipod and iron sight, as well as magazine and carrying handle. Stock length is optional.

M4 carbine adopted by the US Army. Initially it was deployed as a shortened version of the main rifle M16 carbine for special operations, but due to its ease of use and changes in the battlefield form, it is a firearm that is now used by the entire United States Army. It has excellent performance, such as the reliability gained by battle proof and the high expandability of the rail system, and continues to have a presence that affects the selection of the next main rifle.