Little Armory LA051 Mk14Mod0 EBR – 1/12 Scale Plastic Model Kit



As much as possible reproduce the strange EBR figure with new equipment ported to the old rifle. This work is commercialized in the style of Mk14 Mod0 adopted by the US Navy/Air Force Special Forces.

A modern refurbishment type of the US military’s old flagship rifle M14, commonly called EBR. This M14 was made as an evolutionary version of the Garland rifle that won the WWII, and it is a firearm that was put into the Vietnam War. The M14 boasts high power and long range, but the overall length over 1 m is poorly maneuverable, and it is considered as a “useless long object” in modern warfare such as Vietnam’s jungle, which is mainly used in close quarters. , Will be sent to the warehouse.

However, when the times changed and the battlefield moved to the vast desert of the Middle East, the low power and short range of the M16 became a problem this time. The solution to this problem was the M14’s “restart” asleep in the warehouse. It is this EBR = enhanced battle rifle that was refurbished for modern warfare in order to fully operate the evaluated M14.