Little Armory LA052 Hecate 2 – 1/12 Scale Plastic Model Kit



The wooden part is molded with brown resin color. Reproduce the dedicated 10 times scope. Movable carrying handle, two legs that can be opened and closed, large removable magazine and monopod. And designed to reproduce the popular “bolt action operation” of the M24 type.

French made bolt action long range sniper rifle. Adopted by the French Army under the name FR-12.7. Developed for the purpose of capturing a range of 1800 m or more, it uses a 50-caliber ammunition for heavy machine guns. It boasts a high collection elasticity because it operates a high-precision mechanism made of high-quality materials by manual loading.

The name of Hekato comes from the Greek goddess of death “Hecate”, but it is also known as the female figure of a person who shoots an arrow in the distance = Hecatos.