Little Armory LA056 M16A4 – 1/12 Scale Plastic Model Kit



Marine Corps adopted AN/PEQ16 laser illuminator and AN/PVQ31 scope (ACOG type), carrying handle and backup site, open/close selectable grip bipod. It comes with a rail cover so that you can enjoy the appearance of the weapon system provided to Marines.

A representative of the automatic rifle, “M16”, which makes a perfect match with AK. The A4 type to be commercialized this time is a model adopted by the US Army (1996-) and the US Marine Corps (1998-). Unlike its predecessor, the A2, it has a flat top receiver and rail hand guard, and is the current model that supports various aiming attachments. The U.S. Marine Corps, which traditionally attaches great importance to rifle shooting, has kept the M16A4, which is a full-size rifle, for a long time on the seat of its main rifle, as opposed to the Army that has updated its main rifle to a M4 carbine with a short overall length and good portability. It was.