Little Armory LA061 RPG7 – 1/12 Scale Plastic Model Kit



Reproduce the typical RPG7 with PG7 warhead and PGO7 site. Also, by preparing the warhead as a separate part, it is possible to finish it in any form of loading, preparation, and flight.

RPG7 is a portable anti-tank weapon developed in the former Soviet Union. After firing a warhead on the principle of recoilless gun, the rocket motor is ignited to fly, and a range of nearly 900 m is captured in its range. The warhead is a molded explosive bullet and has a stable penetration regardless of kinetic energy and flight distance. It has been used in battlefields all over the world because it has a simple structure and is easy to handle, making it a masterpiece weapon used not only for tanks but also for destroying various targets from helicopters to buildings.