Little Armory LADF03 Dolls Front Line GrG36 – 1/12 Scale Plastic Model Kit



Welcome to the front line of “girls” who can enter the smoke. The collaboration between the popular Dolls Frontline, a popular simulation and strategy simulation game from China, and the “Little Armory” firearm model series featuring a package of armed uniform girls!

Three-dimensionalized full-size base model “G36”. The built-in 2-stage sighting device is also reproduced. The magazine is made of translucent resin, and you can enjoy a more realistic appearance by inserting it inside and coloring it. Also, a Gr G36 special illustration card is included.

The G36 is a 5.56mm caliber automatic rifle adopted by the German Federal Army in 1996. While adopting a solid percussion mechanism, reinforced resin is used for part of the exterior and internal mechanism. It has improved productivity and durability and reduced weight. The G36 is equipped with a two-stage sighting device that combines a scope and a dot sight. The magazine is made of translucent resin, which makes it easy to grasp the remaining ammo and is resistant to deformation.