Little Armory LADF04 Dolls Front Line Model 64 – 1/12 Scale Plastic Model Kit



Welcome to the front line of “girls” who can enter the smoke. The collaboration between the popular Dolls Frontline, a popular simulation and strategy simulation game from China, and the “Little Armory” firearm model series featuring a package of armed uniform girls!

Includes a bipod that can be opened and closed, a floor top plate, a removable bayonet, and a full-size magazine. Wooden parts such as stocks and grips and other parts such as metal are reproduced with different colors of resin. Includes a specially illustrated 64 type illustration card.

A domestic automatic rifle that was first developed in postwar Japan and adopted in 1964. It is a firearm with unique characteristics of the SDF equipment, such as high accuracy of hits, short stock according to the physique of Japanese people, the same shape as the 7.62mm NATO bullet, but with a reduced amount of munitions for easy control.