Little Armory LD010 Shooting Range A – 1/12 Scale Plastic Model Kit



It is a modern indoor shooting range. The booth is separated by a transparent PET board, and a height-adjustable table is also included. Multiple units can be connected and can be connected to existing Gun Rack series. With support for target. Stickers for production and paper crafts for targets are also available. As an accessory part, an ear muff that is indispensable for the shooting range is also included.

  • Base ×1
  • Booth partition ×2
  • Base joint ×1
  • Joint ×2
  • Transparent PET board ×2
  • Target small support ×2
  • Target large support ×1
  • Ear muff ×2
  • Paper craft ×1
  • Seal ×1