Little Armory LD017 Heavy Shield – 1/12 Scale Plastic Model Kit



There are two types of bulletproof shields, large and small, that are diversified by law enforcement agency Spetsnaz, including the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Russian Federation.

It is said to be indispensable for the “Russian anti-terrorism eradication tactic” in which a fierce attack is launched on the building where the target is hidden, and then a heavy bulletproof shield is used to surely suppress it.

We have reproduced a heavy-duty shield for rifle ammunition and a small shield that gives priority to mobility.

VANT-VM type

Large ballistic shield composed of armor plate, bulletproof fiber, and bulletproof glass. Equipment designed for combat by heavily armed opponents, and withstands not only AK and M16 rifles, but also SVD using soft iron core bullets. Since the weight is 24 kg, it often supports the harness as an auxiliary. The flaps that protect your feet are compatible with high penetration penetrators such as Tokarev and PSM. Can be equipped with a powerful 5-unit flashlight for searching and blinding. In this kit, in addition to reproducing the main body with black and green resin, clear parts are prepared for lights and windows. The bottom flap is movable. Sling harness with rubber band and ring is also included.

BZT-75 type

Small shield with metal bulletproof plate covered with cloth. Designed with maneuverability emphasized, with a handle for holding one arm only. The titanium model weighs 5.4 kg and the steel model weighs 8.8 kg.

* Figures sold separately