Little Armory LD019 Concealment Case – 1/12 Scale Plastic Model Kit



Use the instrument case to hide and carry firearms in the city… It is a standard expression in the entertainment world such as spy movies and comics.

This kit is a guitar case suitable for medium-sized rifles and a violin case suitable for submachine guns. The inside uses urethane with different thickness. In addition to using the movable handle, it also comes with a back strap that uses a rubber band.

Glock 26 type is included as a small pistol with silencer.

What’s in the box:

  • Guitar case x 1 
  • Violin case x 1 
  • 2 mm thick urethane (for lid) x 1 each
  • 4 mm thick urethane (for main body) x 2 each
  • Place string parts x 2 sets
  • Glock 26 type (suppressor Included) x 2 pieces

* Urethane is cut according to the shape inside the case