Little Armory LD024 Breaching Tool A – 1/12 Scale Plastic Model Kit



“Bleaching” is a military term that refers to the act of destroying and breaking through doors, windows, walls, etc. in order to enter a building. In this kit, dynamic entry that emphasizes speed, stealth entry that emphasizes concealment, and tools used in both plunge methods are modeled up.

* Figures sold separately

What’s in the box:

  • Large hammer
  • Hooligan tool
  • Bolt clipper (2 types of opening and closing)
  • Tomahawk (with/without sheath) 
  • Batterngram
  • Engine cutter
  • Hydraulic spreader
  • M84 stun grenade
  • Chemical light
  • Bleaching charge
  • Fuse
  • Ded cord (vinyl cord) )
  • Duct tape