Renegade Game Studios – Transformers Deck-Building Game


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The Autobots are brave robot warriors hailing form the planet Cybertron. Their mission? To stop the Deceptions from enacting their evil schemes on Earth.

In this deck-building game, you will take on the role of one of the mighty Autobots. Travel and explore the Matrix and transform between your different modes as you gain allies, find relics, and acquire technology to do battle with the Decepticons. But be warned! As your deck grows, more powerful Decepticons will rise up to challenge you.

The Transformers Deck-Building Game can be played competitively or as a cooperative experience. This Core Set will begin your collection with everything needed to play, but the battle is far from over as playable Decepticons are on the way to expand your game.


50 Starter Cards

36 Basic Cards

85 Main Deck Cards

6 Decepticon Boss Cards

10 Encounter Cards

5 Reference Cards

6 Oversized Character Cards

15 Tracking Tokens

8 Reminder Tokens

6 Player Standees

40 Victory Point Tokens

50 Energon Cubes