SFG – Guild Ball: Mason’s & Brewers Terrain Pack


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Sometimes, a wall can be your best friend out there and keep you safe from a monster like Boar. Sometimes, a patch of fast ground will be the difference between scoring and getting taken out. Take to the field knowing the terrain, and you’ve already won the game.
Containing a wealth of terrains that can be found in the world of Guild Ball, as well as unique Mason and Brewer terrains, this set will take your game to a new level. Whether you use these pieces at events or in casual games, coaches old and new will find this a fantastic set to add to their collection.
This set includes 8 3D Terrain Pieces: Rough Ground, Fast Ground, Forest, Brewer’s Themed Obstruction, Mason’s Themed Obstruction, Mason’s Themed Impassable, and 2 Obstructions.